Sunday, December 30, 2007


Of my new baby. My Christmas present.

I am all a-flutter with excitement over this one!
I've finally got it set up and working. I am currently
sitting in bed typing right now! Fun for me!!!
I am wireless, we are networked, we now have
TWO new computers. Here's how that went down.
If any of you have heard me complain, our old computer
was a sorry thing. So we decided to have geek squad
come out, set up the new baby and clean up the old one for the kids.
He came, he took one look at the old one and said, "I've never seen
anything like this before. There is something seriously wrong."
Basically, it would cost more to fix it (if even possible) than it
would to buy a new one. So Doug ran over to Best Buy, got a new tower
and he hooked us all up.
Kristen said this to me as he was setting up everything...
"Mom, on Blakes computer, when you click the button, it goes
straight away to the screen, for real. You don't have to wait."
Me, "Ya, I've heard about that! Maybe this new computer will do that too."
The next day, once the kids started using the new one they all came running
into us shouting "this new computer is SO AWESOME!"
So ya, it's pretty awesome to have computers that actually work!


Jen@eighteen25 said...

Nice!! Is it really that color too? I love it!

Stephanie said...

Looks like your family hit the jack pot this Christmas.

Happy New Year.

jamie carter said...

I'm so jealous.

Heather said...

Finally you're out of the dark ages...it must feel nice :)

Linde said...

I still am in the dark ages. Lucky you! Have fun:)

Cammie said...

Way to go with the new computer. That's so nice and it sounds like you have waited long enough! Yippee!

ps. I sent you and email.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! I like the colors. Looks like your having fun with your jazzy Dell.

Alida B. said...

beautiful! Jealous!

g said...

LOL about "Blake's computer"! Yay for you--I love the color!