Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Blog Loser...

that's me...big time blog loser.

But here's some pics of our Labor Day weekend.
We took the kids to the mountains to hike around a bit. They haven't done that much (maybe not at all...) and so on the way up the girls are kinda freaking out about the hiking and they don't want to fall off the mountain and what about snakes and bears, and all kinds of scary things.
We are laughing and bit saddened by the fact that our girls have NO idea what we are doing to them. So sad that our kids don't really know what it's like in the mountains.
Of course once we get there they quickly realize that "hiking" is really just walking on a trail, not climbing up the side of a rock face!
They had a great time exploring and being goofy. For the next few days after that Jack constantly asks "i go mountain?". They all loved it and we will make it a point to get them up to the mountains more often.

Check out my BIG stick mom!
Nathan eating his sister!


Stephanie said...

Cute pictures. Thanks for the update. Benny likes big sticks just like Jack. Glad you had fun in the mountains.

Kirsten said...

How fun for your family! We love going to the mountains and redrock, but we don't do it very often. When we do, the kids have a blast. You are a blog loser! You should do at least 4 posts this week! :)

Linde said...

I love how Samantha totally poses! Cute kids. While we lived there we hardly ever went up but when we did they loved it. Luke lives in the mountains and so when he is off that's the last thing we think to do but it really is great because the kids can pretty much do whatever they want.

lisa said...

We love going to the mountains, too. Especially Aaron. How fun. Where are YOU in the pics?!!
What did you think of the Nook kit? Love it! Post what you do with it so I have some ideas. And post if you ever do anything with that house from last month. I am not creative, I can only copy. So, I'm counting on you. j/k

Chandra said...

What a good time. Don't you love freaking kids out- we told Lauren & Jace they had to hold thier breath the whole time in the tunnel at Zion because there was no air in it. They were sure getting worried! Kids love the great outdoors- so much for them to check out and search for and climb, oh and so many bugs to step on on scream about-Good Times!

Meaghan said...

That looks like so much fun! The pictures are really cute.

Nicole Martel said...

love your blog header and your photos, you take wonderful photos!