Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Story of 3 Trees...

These are the trees...and this is their story.
Styrofoam cones were in abundance at the Monson house {that's ANOTHER story}
lets make more trees thought my friend and I.
Just use what we've got around the house
Simple and quick!
Took some styrofoam glue...it said it dried clear.
Painted the cones with glue, covered with glitter and set out to dry.
Worked on our music paper cone to bide the time.
Checked on our cones and what did we see????
Streaks of glue that did NOT dry clear!
Ugghhhhh! Now what are we going to do with these things????
Ok fine, lets run to Joanns (well not really run, it's like 20 minutes away) with like 4 kids between us.
see if we can find some fabulous things to spruce up these sad trees and find some new glue and glitter!
SPRAY styrofoam glue! That should be great.
Home again home again, now with more kids running around between the 2 of us.
Decided to paint the cones green to cover up the last glitter nightmare.
Went to spray the glue and it came out like SILLY STRING!
I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself.
At this point this quick and easy project was taking All. Freakin. Day.
Sanded off (kinda) the silly string and went for good old mod podge!
Covered my little tree and SMOTHERED it with new chunkier glitter.
At last....SUCCESSSSS!
Ended up ordering buttons online {that's another story too!}
cause Joanns had crap for cream buttons! and wanted a million dollars for them!
Although we did find that fabulous green trim on Mr. Medium tree.
Me thinks it was like 8:00 at night when my little friend left.
We had a totally fun and crazy adventure of a day
making our quick and easy 3 trees!
Oh and we just finished off the button (for real, did i just use buttons) portion of the tree.
But hey, me thinks they were worth it, eh!
Oh ya, and I have unfinished actual button trees awaiting some attention too.


Kirsten said...

They're so cute! I love the music one :)! You are so crafty! It does make me feel a little less inferior that you do occassionally have hiccups on your projects! Ha Ha! Sorry it was such a pain, though!

Cammie said...

They're so fun. I love mod podge and I'm glad it finally worked to your satisfaction!

Jen@eighteen25 said...

how cute are those?? don't you love when it something easy becomes so stinkin hard??? they were worth the effort. can i add them to my styrofoam collection?

Stephanie said...

cute trees.

Cammie said...

ps. I just sent you and email.