Thursday, April 16, 2009

Photography Class

Remember that photography class I mentioned...well I'm knee deep in it right now and totally loving it! The first few weeks we worked on individual settings, like ISO, then shutter speed than aperture.

Here are some pictures from my shutter speed exercise. Capturing motion.
I knew these pictures were dark when I took them but now that we've learned to put all the aspects together and shoot completely in manual mode, they really stink. I want to re-shoot just to see if I can get the exposure right. But i could also just edit them in photoshop...

For our first manual assignment I decided to do the tub because that seems to always be a tough one to expose correctly.

This first one is still a little gray to me but the one of his hands I think is perfect.

By the way all these pictures are SOOC.

I have taken probably 1000 pictures these last few weeks and have learned so much. I am shooting in complete manual. I even did Easter in manual. All those pictures down there...manual baby.
This week we are working on lighting and catchlights. I have not practiced as much as I need to yet and I am having trouble getting catchlights. If any of you fancy girls out there have tips for me on that feel free to pass them along :)


Kirsten said...

Nice job!! I love the bathtub one with the hands. So cute! I'm glad you're liking your class.

Heather said...

Awesome. Glad you're having a good time.
Catchlights....obviously putting them toward the light of a window, but there are tons of reflective surfaces that can offer you more light and potentially produce catchlights. Light being reflected off of concrete, white cars, your sliding glass window, the white shirt you are wearing. You get the idea :)

Cindy said...

Hey Carol!!! Yes, I would LOVE to have you take some pics of my new baby. I will call you and maybe we could do it next week sometime. Thank you so much!

Meaghan said...

I'm so envious! I would love to take a class. I'm learning by trial and error...with a lot of error. Your Easter pictures are great. The kids look adorable.

lisa said...

I am so impressed! I LOVE your pictures!! Looks like you guys had a fun Easter. I love Jacks re-telling of the Easter story. ;) Are you still planning on coming to Womens Conf.? I would love to meet up with you guys somewhere...like at the conference or something.:)You know, crash your party.