Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Have You Seen Me?????

Mr. Can
About waist high
a little fat, gains and loses weight rapidly
a little stinky
a little rough around the edges,
he's been around the block a few times
but he has been good to us.

If you see him, please tell him to come home, we neeeeeeeed him.

He must have ran off on his own, after all, WHY would someone take him from us????????


Jason & Claire said...

lol! I'll keep my eyes open;)

Kirsten said...

Oh man! That stinks! Lol. Trash cans are expensive. Hope you find him!

Stephanie said...

that just sucks. hope you find him.

Judy said...

my neighbor took ours. It was broken and Tom had fixed the wheels with old lawn mower wheels and an extra long pole. We never said anything.

Leslie said...

and afterall, there is never any type of crime in Vegas, so truly, this is a complete shocker. :)

Bryn said...

Ha ha ha... you are so funny. I love the way you posted that.