Monday, December 14, 2009

Partaaay Overload!!!!

You know it's shameful of me that I have not honored
the ONE person who cares about my blog and it's content.

My excuses are busy-ness and the blogging blahs.

But here, finally is the birthday girls Fall Festival Birthday Bash!
There are SO many things I love about Samantha,
but one of my favorites is that she is NOT predictable and does
not go with the crowd. She definitely has her own ideas!

This year it occurred to her that her November birthday
was in the fall, so obviously, it should have a fall theme :)

Lets start with the party favor...a cornucopia of sorts!
Waffle cone filled with candy. The tag reads
"I am so thankful you could celebrate my birthday with me"

The girls also got a fall flower clip for their hair when they arrived.

Next is a birthday banner I made from House of 3

As per my habits I decided to make this at the last minute
and used up valuable time....but I think it was worth it!
I love it...and more importantly so did the birthday girl.

Here is our traditional birthday chandelier over the dining table

She wanted carrot cake, so I made a simple 2 layer cake with
leaves decorating one side.

For our time consuming craft we made hand print trees.
I had the kids put their hand print on an 8x10 blank canvas.
A lovely friend of mine cut leaves and owls from her cricut
out of fallish papers. The kids went to town filling their trees.
Some got VERY creative with the whole idea :)
I went back and mod podged over them while they were
otherwise occupied.

The final results. They turned out really cute. That's Jack
there hiding behind the naked hand print. I can only do
so much with a bunch of kids running around. I promised
to help him with his later...and ya know...later has NOT come yet!?!

We played some outdoor games.
A pumpkin rolling contest, which was really fun.

Bobbing for apples. I have to admit, they got
a little carried away with this one.
I was running in and out trying to modpodge
the hand prints and a few of the kids decided
to dunk their ENTIRE heads in the water.
I'm so sure the parents loved me for that!

But they had loads of fun.

We also played the donut game where you have to eat it off the string with no hands,
but I didn't get any pictures of that...i was holding the bar of donuts for gosh sake.
It was a really fun party...and as any good party goes,
I love throwing parties for my kids, but they are exhausting.
For some reason I always end up running them solo...go figure.
Ok...now I can officially move onto Christmas posts.
Oh wait...i forgot about Thanksgiving :)


Stephanie said...

what a fun and cute party for samantha. love all the ideas. i just don't have the energy for much any more. did you get the package i sent you??

Alida B. said...

That is so, so, so cute!! What a fun idea. You are seriously one of the best at home party people I know! I always run out of creative juices and opt for Chuck E. Cheese or (Insert other birthday place that's not my house here) :)

Happy Birthday Samantha

Chandra said...

fabulous!! love the banner and fancy the chandelier! Somehow I feel like i'm always running a one man party too.

Meaghan said...

The decorations are so pretty! I love the hand print trees. It looks like it was a really fun party.

I've been back dating like crazy on my blog. I just posted Thanksgiving yesterday! I can never keep up this time of year.

Lydia said...

It looks like it was a wonderful party and I love your blog header, so well done and festive.

Pamela said...

Your decorations are amazing! Great photos too! :)

Jason & Claire said...

You know how to throw quite a party. Love it!

Heather said...

I think I forgot to comment on this post.
I love it all!
Looks like such a fun par-tay!
but the cornacopia party favors are adorable!