Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Part 2: The boys

I think the boys quite enjoyed their Christmas.
Jack wanted EVERY Imaginext set known to man.
Though top on his list was the big snake castle.
Which Santa obliged him with.
He didn't even want to open any other presents
until those things were freed from their box prison.
(and can I just say....THANK YOU to toy manufacturers....they have finally come up with a way to lock down those toys, and yet still make them possible to remove without ripping off all your fingers!)
I had to laugh as I looked back through the pictures I took...
do you see what I see???
Not a face to be had!
But I did seem to capture him picking his nose
as he checks out What's in Ned's Head game.
On to Nathan.
I have noticed over the years how he has perfected
the look of shock and awe!!!!
And then of course...the lifting of the great gift above the head!
I do believe he considered Christmas to be a success.
Santa gave him a backpacking tent ( for all those scout camp outs).
I replaced his old scooter (that I ran over ;) with a spark scooter.
Which by the way...is lame. You can't see the spark.
Although the box and commercials act like it's this big ol' flame.
It's more like...wait, do it again...i think i saw something........i think you have to ride in the dark.
We also got the kids Guitar Hero, World Tour.
They are rocking out all the time these days.
My great gift....will be coming soon.
I have a bit of cleaning up to do ;)


Kirsten said...

It looks like you guys had a fun Christmas! How did you do that photo collage? Did you download a template? See, I can do the cards now, but you have to do a class on all the other stuff :) The pictures are super cute!

Stephanie said...

looks like ya all hit the jack pot.

Meaghan said...

It looks like they had a great morning! It's so awesome when Santa is able to deliver. :)