Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh Nellie.

It's been super busy around here this month. May is like that for us. A few birthdays, anniversary, trip out of town, mothers day.....those post will come.

For now....my nerve conduction studies.















I wouldn't recommend it.

They did the electrode one first.

That was annoying, but tolerable.

Then they did the needle one.

Several went in my arms,

then several in my hands.

The palm....................................shiver.

Anyhew...the dr. said she doesn't think I have any damage coming from my spine. I definitely have carpel tunnel in both hands. I still need to see her for a follow up visit after she thoroughly reviews my tests.

As for my legs...she totally blew me off. And I'm ticked.

Even though she said we would test them, she didn't schedule them.

She doesn't think there is anything wrong with them.

Well, legs aching and going all tingling and numb ALL. THE. TIME. is NOT normal in my book.

She is scheduling me for a different test on them, but I already feel like I can't trust her now.

She doesn't want to do surgery on my hands, she said to just wear the braces at night and see if that helps.

I'm feeling frustrated and like I still don't have any answers. I have several questions about my arms. Like, I thought carpel tunnel only affected the wrist and hand area. I have pain shooting all the way up my arms, and my elbows often hurt too. Is that normal????? Does anyone know???

That's where I'm at.

No where.

But it is Monday,

my favorite day!

And I'm hanging some stuff on my walls,

still trying to pull the downstairs together...I have some ideas.

Hangin' with this little fella...

who said to me today..."hey mom, I could use a little help over here!"
{really, how old is he???}


Doralee said...

Sorry that your doctors are being ridiculous!

Kirsten said...

Oh my gosh! Your doctor is RETARDED! Sounds like you need someone a little more agressive. Love that cute picture of Jack. We got a hilarious message from him on our answering machine last week. Remind me to tell you about it. Apparently, he didn't want to play with Diddy, he wanted to play with Emily. Lol!

Jen@eighteen25 said...

that stinks! i can't stand when dr's don't listen to your needs! especially after you had been through all those crappy test! sorry. hope you get some real answers soon!

Linde said...

I am so sorry! Thanks for the update cuz' I was wonderin'. Hopefully they figure you out sooner rather than later. I love the picture of Jack. Wow your baby is getting BIG!