Monday, October 11, 2010

Lets talk about Jack

Here's Brandon and his little buddy Shack.
That's what he calls Jack. It's so cute.
They were chilling the other day having a little snack outside on the tramp.
Brandon tried to hide behind the tree and Jack just gave me some bedroom eyes????!

Oh and Jack is wearing one of his favorite outfits....red shorts and red shirt!

These two have become good little buds.
It helps that Jack actually wants to play when he calls.
This summer these would be his answers if a friend invited him over
a. "I'm busy, I've got lots of stuff to do"
b. "I have a bad headache"
c. "I don't have time"

seriously. Just ask Heather!

Then 2 seconds later he would tell me he was bored and what should he do?????

He's gotten over it though and now thinks he needs a friend all.the.time!

I'm in total denial that he is almost 5.
He's my baby. He's only like 2 or something.

I'm totally enjoying my time with him. Though he hates it when we have to go shopping. Unless it's wally world and then he thinks he can talk me into buying him some Lego's. Which he can't! I hate those things. But I have a feeling Santa will bring him some.

If and when I exercise he likes to do it with me. Today it was Pilate's and he totally fell into me when we were doing some rolling move! He's awesome!

He comes up with some interesting ideas. And when I ask him where he heard "that" from he tells me "no where mom! I got it in my own brain!"

He likes to call people names: like Hippie....Samantha particularly hates this one. He told Nathan to call him Butterscotch?! And he thinks it's really funny to call me Carol ;)
He also likes to sing this lovely song: patty patty is a fatty, has a face that looks like a ratty!

He has taken over Samantha's old purple roller skates and wears them all.the.time! His favorite thing to play is "Cowboy Kitchen" (like I said, I don't know where he gets this stuff!)

Besides Lego's, he is obsessed with Star Wars (hence Star Wars Legos!!!) We started getting the costume catalogs recently and he pours over them constantly. One day he said "mom, come here. I wanna show you what I'm gonna be for Halloween" He then proceeds to show me the page of Star Wars costumes and says: "I want this one, and I want this one, and I want this one, and I want this one, and I want this one, and I want this one, and I want this one".....well you get the picture! He is set for the next 20 years!

Who knew that having him be Yoda for his first Halloween would set him for life!

Apparently he told his Sunbeam Teacher a few weeks ago that we were moving to Utah. That he had told his parents enough already! and that day was the day. We were packed up and leaving after church! (she had to confirm with me that it wasn't true) So then she asked him if he would miss her and per her description...looked at her out the corner of his eye and said "maybe" all serious like. She's got a few other good stories for me and seriously, I almost wet my pants every time I talk to her!

He has been playing Barbies with the girls lately...I know, cool right! Anyhew....he likes to pretend that his barbies house has burned down and has to move in with Samantha. SHE DOES NOT LIKE THIS! She does not want him living with her! Then he'll come crying to me that Samantha's barbie slammed the door in his barbies face! ( if I had a picture for bug eyes I would show them here)

I could go on....but I won't. Thanks for making it this far!!

This kids a hoot and I totally adore him!!!


Doralee said...

Great post Carol! I love Jack and I don't even know him that well. To me he is still a baby on your hip!!

Kathy Jo said...

Love it!!!!

LG said...

Nice to meet you Jack!

Stephanie said...

Brandon likes to call me Stephanie. Jack is a crack up.

Jason & Claire said...

Too funny. I loved all these Jack stories!