Monday, November 22, 2010

November Scrap Pages

**edit....just found out that Cosmo Cricket featured some of my work today....so exciting!!!**

Just wanted to share with you my layouts for the November kit over at My Scrapbook Nook.

We got these jumbo sized calender cards and I thought they would make a fun hanging decor. With Samantha's baptism I decided to make a special hanging for her, celebrating her big day.

I never do layouts about myself but we were chatting over at the Nook about doing this and so I challenged myself to do one. This is an old picture of me a few years back.....I pretty much look the same;)

Kristen often reminds me of myself...looks and personality. I really wanted to make a page documenting that. I found these two pictures of us at roughly the same age and was still surprised to see how similar we are. Funny thing....that picture of Kristen, it was the first time her hair had been pulled back like that....and my mother did it. Just like me :)

Another topic I rarely scrap....Doug and I.

I've really been digging into my old photo's lately......for this one I went waaaaaaay back!
It's a picture of my mom and I. She had made us matching dresses one Christmas. The picture is a little damaged but it's still great!


We have been a little sick at our house lately...first Doug, now me and Samantha. I've been suffering with man voice for the last few days and honestly....my so called friends have laughed out loud when they realize it's me and not some strange man they are talking too ;) It's quite funny actually...and clearly I've sounded WAY worse than I thought. But at this point I hardly have any voice at all.

Despite all this we are looking forward to a fun Thanksgiving at home. Hoping to have lots of good family time and we are SOOOOO going to see Harry Potter this weekend...can't wait!

Happy Monday ya'll!!!


Chandra said...

I'm in love with all that adorable paper!! How can I love something that doesn't love me in return....
Great work- it's no wonder you're featured all over the place. When you're famous, don't forget me....

Anonymous said...

Goodness, you do such GORGEOUS work!! I had not visited your blog..but now I will have to come back often to get inspired!!!

Stephanie said...

love all the fun pages.