Monday, February 14, 2011

The Week that Was

 A couple of fun (depending on who you talk to) tidbits from the week at our house....

I totally forgot my pre-schoolers valentine party.
No treats or cards from him.
He didn't seem to care much though....his box still got filled ;)
Valentines have since been done and he'll just pass them out tomorrow!

I spent one morning making two large loaves of banana bread.
A favorite around here.
Apparently, the dog likes it too since he managed
to scootch an entire loaf off the counter and eat it ALL!!!
He spent the rest of the day outside!

Jack likes to hang things.  This week it was monkey.
Last week it was a SW lego dude hanging by chains off another cabinet.
A few years ago....it was a lovely pair of underwear hanging on a hanger in his closet!
(somewhere I have a picture of that ;)

On another note....I did finally order the print that will be hung under that shelf!!

 In case you didn't know....we have a beauty salon at our house.
Quality barbie cuts for cheap!
Especially if you like that modern edgy look!

The barbies lined up for this deal!

And in case all of that didn't prove I aint got it all together....
maybe this will!
This is how Samantha operates ;)
Can you see that lamp on the table...it's about to go down!
Their room exhausts me!!!

Happy Valentines Day ;)

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Kathy Jo said...

Emily would love to keep her room in that same fashion. Unfortunately for her, John has to walk by her room every time he goes to our bedroom, so she gets a constant reminder to have a "place for everything and everything in its place". I'm sure she will have it carved into his headstone.;)