Monday, May 9, 2011

Virtual Crop and May Kit

Over at the Nook we are having a Virtual Crop this weekend!
Lots of fun inspiration, challenges and prizes.
Be sure to come and play along  ;)

We've also got the May kit popping up in all it's bright happiness.
I love this kit, love all the color!
 Here's a 2 pager I did for a class over at the Nook.  
Go here if you'd like some detailed instructions on those circles ;)


Things around here have been busy.
A birthday
Mothers Day
A visit from Mother ;)
A brave little boy is already for Kindergarten now....poor thing had to have FIVE shots.
......a new lego set made that all better.
A sewing class
Lots of dance recital preparations
More yard work

And with school coming to a close I think my calender is pretty much full at this point with all the end of year festivities and awards and lets hurry up and do all this other stuff before school lets out activities!

I have lots of fun things to share if I could just find the time to do it ;)

Happy Monday!
we had a little rain and it was delightful!


Kirsten said...

Oh my gosh. The dance recital. That is an ordeal, isn't it. Sounds like you will be pretty busy. Can't wait til summer! We are counting down the days!

Deanna said...

love love love love LOVE that double pager! Your style just rocks, plain and simple. I love it! (Can ya tell?! hee!)