Sunday, January 8, 2012


 after posting my top 11 for 2011 I felt kinda bad.....like a baaaaad mom ;(
I didn't have any boy layouts in there. 
So to prove that I do have TWO boys......here are my top 11 boy layouts.
I do have more than 11 boy layouts......a few more ;)

Though I don't feel completely bad about not scrapping a lot of Nathan.....
numba 1:  he does not like me taking his picture
numba 2:  he was my main subject for quite a few years and he has a stash of albums already!
I do need to work on Jack more though.
That will be a goal for me....focus more on Jack ;)

Thanks for looking!!!
One of these days I'm gonna get up the energy to sort through Christmas and share that ;)


angie ashuk said...

I have 2 and 2 too, and my boys are the oldest, so I find that alot of my work is my girls, lol. My boys hide when they see the camera, but they're 18 and 12. I love your laoyouts though...so cute.

Zarah said...

Holy moly! LURVE these! Esoecially the first one!!

Anonymous said...

These are all gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

These are all gorgeous!!

Lizzy Hill said...

Existence proved, well & truly! The older boys get.... the harder to get them liking their photos taken! Good luck with the 'Jack' comittment!!!