Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Times.....

they are a changing.
issues have come to light.......and we are responding by getting rid of all of this stuff.

We are celebrating wheat fest at our house this week, eating and enjoying all the crap we normally do.  Because next week....it's gonna be gone.
We are going Gluten Free.
No wheat; flour, pasta, oats, crackers, cereal, bread, tortilla's, cakes, cookies....etc.
Thankfully, there are substitutions for some of these things 
(it's going to take a little more effort on my part to learn how to feed my family again)
We anticipate this helping several members of our family with a variety of things....we are praying this helps, it's very important.

Kristen was none too happy about the plan, until we discovered that betty crocker chocolate frosting, is indeed, gluten free.  She says she can handle it now.
Jack is pretty upset about ramen noodles.
what can you do.

I have been doing a lot of research and talking to friends.....we can do this.
When you are desperately looking for answers and they fall in your lap....what can you do, but follow them.  We feel we have been lead to this solution and are praying for it's success.

And besides.....i love THEM waaaaay more than food ;)

oh, and look who got instagram on her droid!!!!
ah yaaaaaa!!!!!
my new favorite thing....instant photo's.....that look cool too!!!


Deanna said...

What a great attitude to have! And your kids will always admire a mom who will literally drop what she loves (what they love) for their sake. Even if they don't recognize it yet. ;)

Lizzy Hill said...

Health is the most important thing...hope it helps. These days there are LOTS of alternatives out there, so that's good:):) And good luck with it all!!!!!!!!!!!

antenucci said...

I pray your week goes well as u make changes - I've found that God gives us grace to do things He puts on our heart!

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy said...

You can do it Carol! A little trickier at the grocery store and definitely more expensive but lots more choices out there now. Mica's chocolate cake mix, if you can find it, is amazing! Vermicelli rice noodles with soup broth can work in place of ramen noodles for Jack and rice lasagna noodles make an awesome lasagna, it just needs a bit more liquid than wheat noodles. One of the trickiest items is premade soups. Only a few have no wheat gluten. Bread that is moist and tastes great can be challenging if you do not have a bakery that makes it fresh. Sunflower flax seed varieties often offer the best in flavour and texture, if you have to buy it frozen as we do. Once you get the hang of which products your grocer carries, it becomes old hat. Best of luck!

Anita S said...

big move!!! hope it helps and i am sure it will!!!!! i have heard how much better you feel off of gluten not to mention health benifits!!!! good luck Carol!!!

Stephanie said...

hope it helps.

Christina said...

Best of luck to you on this new path! I gave up sugar 2 years ago, then grains last year, and my husband came on board due to suspected wheat intolerance at the end of last year. Yes, it's a lot more work to prep your own foods and not rely on what's convenient and familiar, but it will be worth it in the end! My kids are so much healthier and happier now that they've made the transition, and they just know that there are some foods they shouldn't eat because they'll make them feel awful. There are lots of resources out there, whether you want to go gluten-free or completely grain and sugar-free, so you're not alone!