Friday, October 19, 2012

Jack rode a bike

So we tried to teach Jack how to ride a bike last year.
We bought him one....without training wheels.....and he wasn't very happy about it.
But you can't blame us....the ones with training wheels were fugly and we knew he'd outgrow that little thing way too fast!
But we convinced him he could do it....he was a big boy!

We took him to the park, got him going, he did great!!!
And he's never ridden since.
Well, unless you count the time I forced him out on the street to practice and he immediately got freaked out and quit.
Said he was too little and would do it when he was in first grade.
Well, now he is in first grade, and we aren't quite there yet!!!

But I did get these super cute pics of him that very first time and I scrapped em ;)
I liked the design of the page so much that I basically repeated it and sorta kinda made a double layout if you will ;)

All of our kids have been late bike riders.......and trust me when I say, he aint the latest in the bunch ;)
Here's to hoping he gives it another go!


Lilith Eeckels said...

I was a late bike rider too and was so afraid with my kids. Damien and NoƩ asked me to remove the training wheels when they were 5. They got on and rode off. Robin being a copycat wanted to try when he was 4 and yep he rode off too. They didn't get that from me! Love both layouts and the design is awesome!!!

Monique Liedtke said...

Fabulous pages Carol!! Loved to read your post :)

Ashley Calder said...

Great layouts! I love the little flag and star layered over the photo in the second layout.

Sherri said...

These are fab. Really fun design. And whoo hoo a sorta, kinda double pager :) before you know it he'll be flying around on that thing.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jack!

Love both layouts and the J on the latter one is a fab touch!

Mag said...

Great LOs

Leanne said...

Gorgeous!! I love the oversized "J"!

Stephanie said...

fun pages.

Hilde Aaslund aka Scoobie said...

Love the design(s) on these layouts, Carol, and the fun happy colors!

I bet Jack will learn to ride before you know it - it's all a matter of timing... When he's ready, he'll do it.