Sunday, November 11, 2012

Halloween Festivities

This is a good depiction of what our Halloween was like this year.  Lil' bit cray cray!

 My baby ended up being my only one to photograph on the big night ;(
 He was all business.  As Batman should be I suppose.
 I love his little flip flop toes sticking out though....hahaahaahaa.
 Than he ran away from me.

These next pictures were taken a few days prior at our ward trunk or treat.  We never quite finished off Samantha's costume....Katniss from the Hunger Games.   The poor girl ended up completely sick on Halloween and missed school for the 3 days straight.   No trick or treating for her.  When Jack found out he would be the only one going out he got ticked off and said he wouldn't go at all then!  Wha?????????  Really.  I talked him into going but he pouted half the time and said he was giving all his candy to his sick sister and that he didn't want any of it!  And that's exactly what he did.

Kristen threw this get up together at the last minute and hit the neighborhood with a friend.  
I never saw her and had I realized the big stink that Jack would have made I would have 
had her stick around with us ;)

She was kind enough to share her bag with her big brother who, quite frankly is just too old to trick or treat.  Even though he wanted to ;)

It was definitely an odd Halloween and weird to think our days of doing this are getting shorter and shorter,  and my kids getting bigger and bigger!


Lizzy Hill said...

I'm glad Halloween isn't 'big' here...I would've been useless at all that costume stuff....sounds like the hormones are/were raging at your place...funny how sometimes our kids reactions are soooo different to what we expect...nice of him to share with his sis, I must say:):):) Oh, & great pics, as always!!!

Kathy Jo said...

It is hard to believe they are all growing up so fast. John and Ethan stayed home and handed candy out with their dad so it was just Emily and me! It's the first time the kids have been separated like that at Halloween. Did not like it! Hope you guys are well!