Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Whats Up???

I'm still here.........sewing like a crazy woman!!!

I'm participating in a craft show for the first time, starting tomorrow.  It's been super fun getting ready for it but my crazy life makes it hard for me to give as much time as I would like so I have been pulling some serious late nights lately.   

Wanna see what I'm making???

Cuuuuuuute kitchen towels...pretty sure i'll be replacing the ones in my kitchen with some of these ;)


Camera Straps

Doll Bedding  (i wish i was a little girl!)

Tote/Scripture Bags

Burp Cloths

Ruffle onesies  (i have some boy ones too....minus the ruffles ;)

Little Ties


....and a few other things I don't have photographed.   I can't wait....hope it goes well!!!  So come buy my stuff k!!!!  If you see something you're interested in and can't make the show let me know ;)

Here's the link to the FB page with all the info if you wanna come by,  there is TONS of awesome stuff for sale!!!


Sherri said...

All so, so beautiful. I'm giddy about my camera strap arriving. I can't wait to brag about it, as I show it off, and tell everyone my friend Carol made it :) Hope you're having a wonderful turnout at the show!

Monique Liedtke said...

Wow! You're one talented lady! Not only do you scrap fabulously but your sewing is amazing!!! Hope you'll sell lots of stuff!