Monday, July 15, 2013

Scrappy Schmappy

 I tried to be a good mom this last week and plan things with the kids everyday to do, or at least keep them occupied more than usual so I didn't have to listen to "i'm bored" all day long and "can we go do this or this or this" (that cost a gajillion dollars)  And it worked.  A little planning with friends, a project or two and we had success.  Cheap and easy success ;)  Right up my alley.

Once they were happy and ready to veg, it was my turn to play!   So I tore through my latest Scraptastic kit and put together a few more layouts.  

It may have taken some time but our little Jack Jack eventually figured out that the pool was not such a bad place.

This picture of Jack cracks me UP!  
Those chubby little hands clasped together up at his face.  
Oh my.  
It used to take him so long (if ever) to warm up to people and situations. 
You wouldn't know that now,  the little party animal, adored by all who know him, kind of kid!

This is my imitation of all those cool looks you get with a sillouette.  I've got an old Slice machine that still works great so I cut out some large letters and layered them beneath my photo's.  
Easy, peasy.
 These pics make my little heart burst.  Samantha used to make the most adorable poses, so sassy and big.  Here she is on her very first day of preschool, striking a pose.  Backpack, stuffed animal, and jeans & boots even though it's like 150 degrees outside.  She went through quite the long phase of only wearing jeans, even in the dead of summer.    I desperately miss those bits of her that she has long since outgrown......or at least modified, but grateful the personality that brought us this is still going strong ;)

Well, thanks for looking! 
Here's to another fun and busy summer week.


Leanne said...

these LOs are absolutely adorable!! Love!!

Lizzy Hill said...

Have to agree with Leanne :):):) these are all such fun, so beautifully put together & full of yummy, yummy elements:):):)

Mel said...

Cute layouts depicting parts of your kids personalities. I have a slice too and like to pretend its a die cutter! X

Unknown said...

I love all of them!!!