Tuesday, August 7, 2007


So here is just a quick update on how we are.

Still going to too many dr. appointments. Will find out on Friday about the shoulder. This process is too slow! So much waiting to be done. Another dr. has decided to run some new test and check a few more things. Great! The head continues to heal and Doug sports his surgery cap quite nicely!

Doug has made great strides today by driving for the first time in a month, despite the uselessness of his right arm! He is stubborn and determined to make it work. He is trying to work a bit this week. We hope someday soon he will actually be feeling better. He still doesn't feel very well but hope to find out why soon.

My little spare time lately has been spent engrossed in Harry Potter. SOOOOOO good! I'm almost done. That has been my little escape.

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Stephanie said...

We are all pulling for Doug in our corner of the world. Thanks for the update. When do your kidos start School??