Tuesday, September 18, 2007


First of all, I forgot to mention that the exercising bit lasted about 5 minutes!
Next was jump time.
Tear up the couch, throw all the cushions on the floor, proceed with jumping.
This was Jack's favorite part.
Check out his form, he's awesome!
The boy jumps off EVERYTHING!
He even lands on his own 2 feet...occasionally.
I believe I've mentioned it before, but this crazy boy loves to jump, leap, lunge, tumble off anything he can find.
He's an animal!


Stephanie said...

We will just call him flying Jack.

I tell ya, he reminds me of Benny. Watch Out.

Cammie said...

Those photos are really great! He is so cute.

Meaghan said...

Jackson jumps off of everything too. He's now decided that the couch cushions aren't enough of a challenge so he jumps off the arms and the back. I'm amazed at how far and high he can go. Mabey it's something about the name...