Wednesday, May 7, 2008


My baby girl is 8 today!

Can't believe it's been that long since this sweet little thing graced us with her presence.

Growing up in a family of 5 brothers, I felt so blessed and lucky to have a girl.

She has been a complete joy to our family. Out of all my kids she stayed a baby the longest. All the others always wanted to be big. She had no interest in growing up. She loves to snuggle and be taken care of and has said she wants to live with me forever!

She is a sweetheart thru and thru.


1} She loves to be SURROUNDED by her things. Her bed is always covered in pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, you name it; and she sleeps amongst all that! She is the BIGGEST pack rat ever! She still has her valentine box and cards from kindergarten, along with lots of little pieces of papers and things, whether they are broken or not. (all this actually drives me crazy! but it is her)

2} She is very sensitive. Her eyes fill with tears at the slightest little thing, though she tries super hard to hold them back. Her feelings get hurt easily. (Which her siblings tend to prey on :)

3} She LOVES Hershey bars....and Ramen Noodles

4} She is SUPER crafty. Loves to scrapbook, take pictures, make lots of little treasures (that she can't ever bear to part with)

5} She's a very smart girl. Gets straight A's and LOVES to play school, all the time, much to her sisters dismay.

6} She is a social little butterfly, loves her friends to death. Wants to be involved in everything.

7} She tends to be good at everything she tries. Loves to Dance, sing, read, craft, and is now a world class burper. Thanks to some training from her little friend Blake :)


FrankNApril said...

Happy Birthday from Alaina

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Kristen. Wow how time flys.

Jen@eighteen25 said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!!
Hope she has a great day!

Meaghan said...

What a sweetheart! Happy Birthday.

p.s. MTV has a trailer up for Eclipse!

Kirsten said...

I love that girl! She is a sweetheart. Happy birthday Kristen!

Please tell me Blake does not burp at your house! I can't take her anywhere... :)

Lisa and Bill said...

James just turned 8 years old too & was baptized May 3rd. How times flies! She is absolutely beautiful! Angie gave me your blog address..hope you don't mind I added it to my list. You are so creative & talented. Glad your family is doing so well. :)

Chandra said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl-You're one lucky mom!

Leslie said...

She is truly a sweet girl and I told her last weekend we shared something special about May 7--her birthday; my baptism. She smiled really big at that. Hey, need one more thing about her..should be 8 things right?

Jason & Claire said...

The things you wrote about her were so sweet. It amazes me how each child could be so unique and lovable. What a special girl. Happy Birthday to her!

Carol said...

du...Leslie, your right...I did need 8 things. Where is my brain??????? I must have been stuck on the date not her age.

Alida B. said...

Happy Birthday Kristen!!

Ashlynne wanted Kristen to know that she thinks its so cool that they are the same age now and she wanted to know when she is getting baptized?