Friday, May 30, 2008

Really...I'm still here...barely...

The last two weeks have been sheer chaos for me. Here's the lowdown...

Celebrated Nathans 11th birthday
Celebrated 15th wedding anniversary
Had a date
Decided to paint the girls room (finally) that sucked up 3 days of my life, but looks fab!
Still going to swimming lessons EVERYDAY!
Preschool graduation, and swim party after
Kindergarten registration (that after I stood in line for an ETERNITY was told I didn't have to, they already had my daughter assigned because I got kids in school already) thanks for the heads up SCHOOL!
Huge 5th grade report due for Nathan that we literally had to do TWICE (or was it three times). He spent hours on my laptop doing his report than something went HORRIBLY wrong and when we went to finish it up and print...the file WAS GONE!!! Corruption all over the place. Had to redo his report than still couldn't print it and sent it all over the place, no one could pull it up. Ended up having to buy a new printer at the last hour and the three of us spent the night putting it all together. That took up 5 good afternoons and evenings of our lives.
Too many appointments and transferring of kids and cars between Doug and I
Oh ya, Arrow of Light award for Nathan
Father and Son Camping Trip

I'm sure there is more but that's all my brain can remember at the moment, but to top it all off our little darling is getting baptized tomorrow!

I've got gobs of pictures to edit and post someday.


Stephanie said...

What's going on?? I need pictutes. As I recall Nate had a birthday and Kristen has a big day Saturday. Get posting.

chris jenkins said...

hang in there!!

Kirsten said...

Where are you? JK, I know you've been crazy busy this week! I haven't even posted Blake's party yet, and soon I will have to post her baptism.

Jason said...

Hi Carol, I absolutely hate computer problems. I'm going to have Jason give you some ideas for your computer.

Can't wait to see photos!

PS. Soren and I just went to our first swim class and it was so fun!

Bryn said...

It seem we ahve been so busy too. It strange how it all happens at once. I really hope we can make it to Kristens Baptism. Abby would love to be there for that and so would we.

Chandra said...

You actually edit your pictures- mie get thrown on from my pictures "as is". About your other post , I posted this morning with no problem, although I just type and post it I don't save as a draft or redo stuff. I'm just not that fancy. Anyway good luck with it!!

g said...

That made me tired just reading it. Congrats on Kristen's baptism. And your date ;)

Alida B. said...

Wow! Well I was wondering where you wer. I actually thought you all must've gone on vacation. Sounds like you've been superbly busy!!! Hope the Chaos slows down soon. Happy Bday to Nathan and congrats on the arrow of light award! :)