Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Guilt Post...

I know it's been a looooooong time (for me anyways)
but surely...this picture makes the wait worth it....RIGHT?
Us...at the ward Halloween Party
1 hour before the party I said "Doug, we should dress up. I want to dress up!"
"What do you wanna be ???" (him)
"I don't know, a punker" (me)
"How you gonna do that?"(him)
"Uuuuummmmmm.....you go to Smiths and find me something! I gotta paint Samantha's nails" (me)
"Why don't you go and I'll paint her nails" (him)
"REALLY..." "OK, I'm gettin' you something too!!!!" (me)
So I was gone for like 10 minutes and I came home with 2 wigs, and net stockings.
I was a punker and drum roll please................

In case you can't tell



Magnum P.I.

That's right!

We gave the mullet wig a trim and fashioned a stache for him.
In this picture my black makeup is quite worn off, but the lips were pretty black and the eyes...fright full.
Some people's comments were "wow, scary Carol." (in a very disturbed voice)
others practically wet their pants when they saw us.
Some, didn't even know who we were (that was the best, sometimes you don't really want to claim what you put together!)
The party was awesome! We are so going to dress up again, but hopefully with much more planning and thought next time!
Oh ya, and the kids obviously looked really cute too. But this isn't really about them now is it!


Stephanie said...

love the picture and love the costumes. did you make kristen's? Looks like you had a great time. we won't be going to the ward halloween party this year we have a soccer party that night. that is fine with me to much candy is not a good thing. glad you did a post, you should do more. ;)

Alida B. said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it! You had me in this INCREDIBLE suspense wondering and wondering what you came up with. I LOVE IT!!!

Linde said...

You all look so cute! Great job especially for last minute. I bet your kids loved that you dressed up!

Jen@eighteen25 said...

how fun!! love all the costumes.

Meaghan said...

You guys look so cute! Eric and I have never dressed up. We spend so much time on the kids costumes we don't do anything for ourselves. You've inspired me though!

lisa said...

SO glad you posted! :) Your whole family looks great, but I have to say you and Doug take first prize! Way to go on short notice!

Cammie said...

Totally awesome!! You guys are so fun.

Leslie said...

Holy Magnum PI! You guys look great! Great job on Laura Ingalls, by the way.