Thursday, March 26, 2009


I haven't been able to scrapbook since my trip nearly 3 weeks ago now. It's been pretty busy around here lately but now that schools out and we have no major commitments going....i am getting antzy. I NEeD to scrap.

Here are a some of my more recent pages.

This one of Nathan shares a conversation we had in the car one day after school a few years ago. As we were talking I KNEW I had to get this down on paper so I kept major mental notes of how the conversation went down and when we got home I didn't even get out of the car till I had it written down. It is priceless!

This is me and Samantha...my 2nd O fell off of whoo. I didn't realize till I just looked at it now. I wonder where it got off too????? I have a hard time using pages that have such an obvious graphic on it. I'm never sure how to work around them or if it's ok to cover them up, but I like how this turned out.
I think this is one of my most favorites that I've done recently. Thanks to Heather for the pictures of her baptism. She knows these were among my favorite pics of Kristen. She's such a happy little thing and loves to laugh. I think this might be the first time I've used the same pic but in different colors. Love how that looks, I'll have to do it more often.
Since we've been living like slobs (kinda) this week I suppose I'll go get some chores done.
Ta Ta


Meaghan said...

So cute! I love your pictures of the girls with Granpa. It looks like they were having a great time.

Chandra said...

Cute- as always!Got the jist of the conversation-someone was crushing on Nathan- it's hard to read that small! Cleaning, cooking and working out seem to all get left by the wayside during track break. That's OK, Jace and I didn't roll out of bed til after 9:30 this morning-talk about LAZY!

lisa said...

LOVE the pages!!

Bryn said...

You are so talented! These pages turned out great. Oh.. good job on the soaps!

Stephanie said...

love the pages. i need to get working on mine.