Friday, March 6, 2009


My bucket is READY....
still need to pack some clothes.
But this afternoon

so excited

It's gonna be a great weekend.
Hopefully I'll get lots of scrapbooking done...we'll see
I'm certainly prepared for impressive results, aren't I?????

In honor of said weekend here are a few layouts I did a while ago.
And I'm happy to say there is a huge stack of layouts on my desk I've done over the last month or so I need to upload on here. I could post a layout a day for a while if I just photographed them.
This is Kristen and her "meatball sandwich" she made at the beach on our trip a while back.

And a Christmas layout. I never scrap holidays. Don't know why I'm afraid of them. Maybe cause the quantity of pictures is so overwhelming! But I'm trying to get started on some Christmas ones at least. This is Nate and Kristen in their pj's many years back.

And because he's always worth a good laugh.....
some morning hair from JACK!

This was an XTRA good hair day!!!
Really, i should just buzz that mess again.
But then again...we wouldn't have this!


Meaghan said...

I love Jack's hair! :)

Have lots of fun!!

Cammie said...

That hair is pretty remarkable!! Totally cute.

Jen@eighteen25 said...

hope you had a blast!!

and jack's hair is cracking me up... that should win an award or something. best bed head i've seen in a long time! haha

Stephanie said...

wait till you see becky's she looks like a lion.