Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the tale of a boy and his bike

On that infamous trip to Utah for the 4th o' July,
the car was not the only thing that got "broke".

Here is Doug and his (not so) little friend ready for a fun day
of biking at Sundance....

4 or 5 rides down the mountain
and about 3 hours later.....
the high end mountain bike has turned into
a clown bike. Or as Doug likes to put it
"I taco'd my tire"
I guess that's what happens when you hit something
flying down the mountain and do a somersault in the air,
bike and all. Fortunately, Doug fared better than the bike!
We all had a good laugh over it and tried not to think about
how much new rims were going to cost!
Little did we know, this was JUST the beginning!
As if the bike, the car, and the plague were not enough......
To top off our disastrous July, a few weeks ago we woke up on Sunday morning
to a flooded garage and partially flooded house.
Our water heater decided not to leak like everyone else,
but blow instead.
Shooting a hole in the wall and
blasting water EVERYWHERE for hours!
Needless to say, we did not make it to church that day.
And with my bronchitis in tow,
we proceeded to clean up for the remainder of the day.
Got a new water heater installed and.......
eventually, we will get to repairing all. the. other. damage.
Here's to August and hoping we fair a little better. ;)


Kathy Jo said...

Good golly!!! Well, just get all the bad luck out at once. Way to go! The rest of the year should be easy breazy, right?

Doralee said...

So sorry about your water heater! That is such a bummer! Does your homeowners cover all the damage? Good luck with all the repairs.

lisa said...

The water heater too?! I had no idea! Poor Carol!

Stephanie said...

I hope things get better for you.

sleepynae said...

I am so sorry to hear your summer was so bad!! I don't know where mine went either! Glad you got to spend some time with family. Miss ya like crazy!!

Bryn said...

Di I tell you that I think we were at Sundance at the same time as you all. We spent the 4th up there with my family. Sorry about all the rotten luck. Call if we can help you all in any way.