Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back to School...finally

As ya'll know...school started last week.
The kids are doing great, some trauma...
but nothing we can't handle.
On the first day, Nathan forbid me
to take more than 2 pictures
AND they had to be IN the house...
NOT outside.
How rude is that?????
Here's what I got.
He is a cute 7th grader though =)

The girls of course are another story.
They aren't shy...
Kristen couldn't be happier that school is in session once again.
Thankfully, about half way through a super long 5 week summer break
Samantha decided that maybe, just maybe, she might be looking
forward to 1st grade. This was a huge boost to her mamma who
thought she would continue to dislike school.
We were thrifty this year and reused perfectly good back packs.
We also only bought like 1 or 2 new outfits.
But seeing as Samantha would be taking lunch for the first time, a new lunch bag
was a must have...along with some stylish new shoes.

They were all very excited.
But as the anticipation, then realization set in...
Samantha went a bit downhill in her excitement...

She's getting a bit concerned here...
Kristen is simply...ear to ear happy!
They all came home happy,
having had a great day.
Samantha said it went by SO fast.
Though Kristen reassured her that feeling
wouldn't last for long ;)


Stephanie said...

so glad their first day went well. we had a pretty good first week. i am thanful we made it through. the kids look cute. how did you enjoy your alone time with jack?? hope this week is great for them too. I love samantha's boots.

Doralee said...

I love back to school pictures. They all look great!

Jen@eighteen25 said...

they all look so cute. good for you being thrifty!

grace had a little trouble this year with first grade too. i guess it's a pretty big jump for those little people!

lisa said...

They all look so cute! I hope Samantha likes school this year. Funny that she thought it went by so fast, Abby thought it was so long.

Meaghan said...

I love the pictures! So cute. Jackson gave me some attitude too but I don't really give him a choice. :) He was so excited for first grade and luckily had a great day. I'm glad everyone survived!

Chandra said...

Always so stylish! We reused backpacks and lunchboxes this year too. Haven't even gone shopping for clothes yet since they won't be wearing pants for another month anyway!