Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What to do?? What to do????

It's nearly 2:00 on this lovely and warm Wednesday afternoon.
Did I say it was warm???

My productivity is ever so slowly creeping in.
But here I sit, cruzin' the internet.

Instead I should be:

*Making dinner cuz we have dance at 5.
*Finish what I started on the kitchen table (making a little homework station for all the supplies the kids seem to need) Instead of having them floating all around and making a big freakin' mess!
*Finish cleaning the kitchen (I'm SO close)
*I'm pretty sure there is laundry to be done (dude, I have 4 kids. There is ALWAYS laundry!)
*Gathering the supplies I need for set up tonight for Enrichment (where's that list???)
*Finish up a few envelopes that need to go in the mail (why is it virtually impossible for me to actually get things in the mail???)

Ya, and now Jack REALLY needs to swim, he's so sweaty as he puts it. Which means the only thing I'll probably get done now is stuffing my face with one of those warm delicious brownies I made a while ago!

Wish me LUCK!!!


Doralee said...

Fun reading, Carol. You're such a cute blogger!

Jen@eighteen25 said...

dang those responsibilities!! :)