Saturday, September 5, 2009

I just don't even know who you are anymore!

I think I have been possessed!
I don't know whats happened to ME.

I am not a pet person.

I repeat
I. am. not. a. pet. person.

I think I luf him

and so do they...

So there you have it.
Sorry, WE have it.
And it's called a dog!
Oh and the kids have named him.
Napolean Kip Monson ;)
The story of how Napolean became a member of our family:
I think I have been saying for like 10 years now....maybe someday we'll get a dog(secretly thinking, ya right). Like I said, not a pet person. Won't say how I feel about cats, or any type of rodent. Besides fish, a dog was the ONLY possibility for our family. But I've always said someday. This summer the kids got on a kick about wanting a pet SOOOOOOOO bad. They decided to get a frog. Something they could play with (how pitiful is that). I thought, ok...can't be much worse than fish right?? So after much begging on their part I finally took them to a pet store to "loooook". Found out you can't play with a frog. We are toxic to them, they. might. die. Sooner, rather than later. But the store lady said a lizard is great! They, the children, were sold! A lizard it is, as I am gasping for breath and rethinking this whole trip to the pet store! They decided to pool their own money to buy one. A lizard, I tell you! I suggest we go home and "think" about it.
Somehow...thank heaven...they decide on their own that maybe it's not what they really want. What they REALLY want is a dog. Please mom, pleeeeeeeeaaaaaassssseeeeee.....we want a pet SO BAD!
By now I am feeling sooooooo guilty. Because of ME, my entire family is without a beloved pet. (well, except for Samantha who is terrified and wants nothing to do with dogs)
I confessed in private to Doug later that night that I might, I repeat, I might be willing to consider it. He jumped on that bandwagon and took me to a website that talked about good dogs for a family. Just looking, I tell ya, just looking. We talked about it for a few weeks, I liked the beagles. Than the whole subject just disappeared. Whew!
Then....i was introduced to newborn beagle puppies that our friends dog just had. It felt like a sign. A sign that someday just might be NOW! So we checked them out....liked the quiet little fella. He was chill.
I considered some more...kinda freaked out inside my head.
Can I do this????
Can I really do this???????????????????????????????????
Can I love him.
Can I let him in my house!???
Can I take on the responsibility...cause you know it's gonna be ME, ME who takes care of him most the time!
And I decided that yes, for my children...and my husband
I CAN do this.
So we did.
And my children love me for it.
I am the best mom evah! And dad too....though he was not the one that needed the convincing=)

It was a total surprise!
They had no idea.
Three of them were SOOO happy. The fourth ran upstairs screaming.
We are still on day one of having Napolean...and I am happy to report (as i knew she would)
Samantha has come around. She whispered "I love Napolean" to me :) Still a little skittish when he moves quickly, but still.....she likes to pet him. She's come a long way baby!!!!
ps...i am not looking forward to tonight...it's like having a newborn again.


Jess said...

He is soooo cute! I am not a pet person either and I am no where near ready for a dog, but someday I know I will need to give in like you! Luke is so afraid of dogs and I think the only way he will get over his fear is for us to get one. Good luck tonight ;) !

Jen@eighteen25 said...

oh carol you didn't! ha!
you are a way nicer mom than i am... thats all i'm going to say about that. good luck tonight!

Doralee said...

So cute, Carol. Kristen didn't mention that you were taking one of her puppys when she came to VT me this week. Of course maybe she didn't know then. Congrats, you will love and curse this day for the next 10-15 years! Can you say dog hair!! That's what I hate the most. Dogs really are great for children though.

Leslie said...

I'm am almost teary-eyed...cuz I know you and know this is an amazing step for you! it will all work out and you will love that lil' guy with all your heart!

Stephanie said...

well this is just great, now my kids will want a puppy and they have been wanting one all their life.
he is a cute one though. good luck. i would like to hear how it goes to see if maybe someday i could handle it. not anytime soon, he he

Kathy Jo said...

What a cutie!!! I love beagles too. You'll love him. He will love you when noone else does. Even when your kids have to do chores and they are throwing daggers with their eyes; the dog will still love you.

lisa said...

Wow!! CONGRATS!! He is adorable!

Chandra said...

Well there you have it. No turning back now. you have fallen for it. He sure is a cute little thing though. Congrats on your new addition!