Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Boo to You

A few more crafts for your viewing pleasure (i hope)
I'll give a shout out to Jen for hooking me up with these super cute
BOO letters. I painted them, sanded a bit...and put them out till I figure
what else to do with them. Think they need a bit more, maybe sanding,
or some ribbon tied on somewhere. For now this is it!
Oh and they are HUGE!

Gotta thank Heather for this little class. We learned how to
make pumpkins at a little enrichment get together.
They were so cute, and SO easy that I went a little overboard
and made SIX of them.
But you can never have too many pumpkins...RIGHT!!!!????

Happy Fall Ya'll!


Stephanie said...

love all the crafts. i better get busy. i did decorate a bit. i just feel so out of it.

lisa said...

LOVE the pumpkins!! If only I knew how to sew....
So glad to see your dresser!! I can't wait to see it finished it is going to be so cute!

Jen@eighteen25 said...

fun!! my boo letters are still up very high on a shelf in the pantry still in the plastic. haha!

and i love the pumpkins. that's on my list of crafts to make too! love the ways yours turned out!!

got more for us you little crafty woman?

Stephanie said...

how is doug doing??

Chandra said...

Somehow your pumpkins actually look like pumpkins, unlike mine. Cute BOO- although I would prefer to get it already painted and cutefied (is that a word?) for me!!