Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ONe of these days...

I will get around to letting go of Christmas on my blog...
you know, the header, the music.


* I'm currently working on the big chest, sideboard, console table, whatever.
Maybe I should just call it my white trash craigs list find :)

* Nathan has been sick (like a dog) for like 4 days.

* Kristen and her friend have tried out for the school talent show, and they made it!
They are dancing to Another ONe Bites the Dust. They are too cool.

* I had a great birthday. Lots of calls from people who love me ;) Dinner with the fam.
FABULOUS gifts, and to die for chocolate cake! For real, that's what i named it.

* I currently am having a fabric addiction. Hello, my name is Carol, and I love fabric. Been
buying a bit lately, have LOTS of plans! Now to execute said plans!

* Samantha started piano lessons, she is loving it.

* I'm hosting a jewelry party next Tuesday evening, the 23rd. If your interested (cause I
know everyone wants to come!) let me know and I'll get you the details.

* In honor of my still Christmasy blog...here's a Christmasy layout!

Considering my luck with blogspot these days, i am anticipating this post to look like crap when i publish it!

edit: whud i tell ya!


Kirsten said...

OK, I am totally addicted to fabric, too. Only, I never buy any. I just browse online.

Kathy Jo said...

I haven't been able to sew in so long! Heavy sigh!! May 2011. I was having trouble with blogger for a while too. Better now though. Maybe the trouble is working its way west.

Jen@eighteen25 said...

well happy belated birthday!!

i cannot wait to see your table console thingy! ha. i'm dying to know what color??

fabric. yes. it's kinda like scrapbook paper. it's hard to pass up the cute stuff!!

and blogger is driving me NUTS!! it doesn't care where i tell them to put things it never listens anymore!!

Cammie said...
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Cammie said...

Hi Carol, I think it's awesome that you still have a Christmas blog--I skipped it completely in the blog world and still need to catch up so you take the cake in my book. And, Happy Birthday from me the slow snail.

Sorry to hear about Nathan. Soren has something similar and it's also been 4 days. I'm hoping tomorrow is better (and this started while Jason was in California!).

Kristen's dance sounds awesome and brings me back to my talent show days. . . I did a lip sync/dance with friends to "How will I know" by Whitney Houston. make sure to post photos.

I also wanted to thank you for having us at your home. It was soooo nice to see you and catch up! I think you are awesome.