Friday, March 5, 2010

that last post was for Pat, and Jen...THIS ONES FOR YOU!

The WT cabinet.

It's done.

I always thought, once I got started, it would be easier than I thought and I would wonder why I procrastinated so long.

Not true.

I procrastinated for a reason.

But it's done, and I couldn't be happier (well, 98% done)

Just in case (JEN) your planning a similar project, I'll tell you what I did.

First, I filled all the knob holes with wood filler.

Let it dry and sand smooth. Use a putty knife to smooth out and fill in any imperfections. I only did this in the knob area, as I liked the imperfections elsewhere.

I used an electric sander to sand smooth my filler, than did a full sand over the entire piece. Just enough to rough up the surface.

Be sure to wipe clean with a damp cloth and allow to dry.

I painted a layer of primer first.

My girls thought this was the real color and said "oh...that's pretty??"


Then I did a layer of the "real" paint.

I ended up needing to do 2 layers.

I used a small furniture roller, and a brush for the tighter areas.

I then took a piece of sand paper and hand sanded my edges for that distressed look.

My hands got that lovely distressed look as well.

Next we drilled all the new holes for the hardware.

I still need to attach the handles for the middle doors, but I need longer screws than what they came with and I haven't bothered to look for any yet. :)

Last I finished it with a layer of varnish.

And there you go.

It was a. lot. of . work.

I'm so glad it's done


Stephanie said...

I love it and the color too. I really like the colors is the lliving roon. My favorite color is brown. Glad you finally posted, it took what seemed like forever.

Jason & Claire said...

L.O.V.E it!!! It was worth all the work...well, at least it was to me because I didn't do it;)

Jess said...

That looks amazing! I love it and I love your new couch and chairs. What a beautiful room! You are one talented lady!

patmonson said...

Hi Carol:
I think everything looks beautiful. I should have picked up the sofa and chairs and used them !

Kathy Jo said...

It looks great!! Wonder if you would consider flying out to Virginia to help me do one. It'll be fun! AND I need the chairs from you LR. They are awesome. Great decorator.

Jen@eighteen25 said...

it looks awesome!!
it was worth the wait! ha!
i like your decorations on top too!!

thanks for saving me a drive across town :)