Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Twenty TEN!

The kids were so kind and slept solid till their alarms went off at 6am.
Sadly, this is an improvement for us...usually they are up for hours running around making noise and in general keeping us from sleeping. In fact, the girls had to wake the boys this time around.

Kristen just begging to be allowed to go down and just look while they wait for dad ;)
Recent confessions let us know it would be wise to block the stairs during the night.

This is her "I knew it! I knew this would be my Lanie doll" look of satisfaction!

She got what she wanted too ;)
(this is 2 years now of American Girl dolls.....do you think they will come up with something different to wish for next year????) hmmmmm....

Knee deep....literally....good thing he's got some fire and rescue to help him out! tee hee hee.

Reveling for a moment in Santa!

ooooh.....wasn't expecting this were you Samantha!
which by the way have been a hit for all the children! good thing her and Jack can share ;)

Oh ya....another surprise!
He couldn't get over this one...total shock I tell ya!
Tickets to see his 2 favorite teams play against each other.

Look at that smile up there...he can't hide it.

Happy to see this, he is.

It was a Star Wars year for little ol' Jack.
Grandma indulged and got him Lego's...yay for me ;)

May not sound exciting...but he LOVES the sheets we got him (nice PB ones too).
Now with his pj's he is surrounded ;)

Napoleon was diggin' it all...sittin' back watching all the action.
And don't worry, he wasn't left out of the fun.

These girls are happy...it's all AG all the time around here :)

Hope your Christmas was merry ;)


Meaghan said...

Awesome christmas! They're all so happy. :)

Stephanie said...

looks like a merry christmas. i love samantha's owl jammies.