Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Nook Layouts

My ability to scrapbook this month has been very scattered!
But I think I've done what I can with my December kit over at the Nook.

First off...Retro Red
I really love how this one turned out.
I cut the scalloped paper using another as a pattern.

I know I've already shared this one, but thought I'd include it anyway,
just to keep them all together ;)
And because it's my favorite.

We've been doing a card a day inspiration over at the Nook all month
and this was the card I posted for today ;)
Cards are hard for me, I'd much rather do a layout.

This layout I just finished up this week for a little class
I taught. You can go here to see the semi-instructions for it if you wish ;)
It's my little baby Jack Jack!

Just a close up.

This one is my least fave.....I had visions of how it would turn out...
and well, I was misled, because it just didn't end up looking how I wanted.
Oh well.

It's been raining here in Vegas for 3 days straight and I've loved it! Especially since I'm all ready for Christmas and we are just hanging at home. Well, we've gone out a little....but no stress shopping here. Still trying to get some baking in....working on that right now as a matter of fact. Just popping in here while stuff cooks.

Still hoping to share some festive holiday pictures before the big day.

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