Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ahhhh.....the memories.

I love my blog.
I was looking back through a few years ago.....cracks me up.
Pictures and stories I'd forgotten about.

Like Jack and his tater tots

or Jack and the flour incident

or this one of Samantha I had TOTALLY forgotten about...her goofy face is hillarious!
and that fact that though this was 3 years ago......she looks exactly the same!!!

So glad I have this thing ;)
Good times.

We are working on getting back into school mode over here....earlier bed times.
Back packs filled.
Meeting teachers...the works!
Can't believe where the summer has gone....flew by in a flash.
Some of the kids realizing how few days they have left and wondering what they've done with themselves all summer and why didn't they make more of it.  They think they should be doing something BIG the next few days.....before it all comes to a sad end.

And all I can think of is how.on.earth.am.I.going.to.get.up.that.early.every.day.again!


On a lighter note......how about a few random layouts ;)

 just a bit of Pebbles product here.

Happy Wednesday!


pysselpetra said...

perfect design and fantastic colors ♥

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Absolutely stunning work! I just looked at these on your favourite layouts blog too. Love them!!!

Chandra said...

i was looking back at some posts from a couple of years ago. Love that I have a blog to remind me of all that good stuff. I really want to get my blog put into a book for the family for Christmas- it would likely be the best read book in the house!

Aussie TM5 Thermomixer said...

just love these pages, Carol! Your work is incredible!!

Sherri said...

I loved reading those old posts, and seeing your kids so little again. I have a theory, that all little boys named Jack are hilarious, and super curious. That seems to be the case here anyway, I know 2 of them, and your stories could have been told by either one of their mothers :) So much fun for the rest of us, lol.

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy said...

Carol, That is a stunning photo of Kristen! Wow! Love both layouts too!:)