Friday, February 17, 2012

Going Home......allthewayhome

So, I had something really special happen.
I've really debated sharing this.
Didn't want it to look like I was bragging.
But it meant SO much to me.
That I also don't want to pretend it didn't happen.

My husband gave me a gift that may just remain forever the greatest thing he's ever done for me.
It involved a HUGE sacrifice on his part.
He sent me home.
and home for me, is Hawaii.

It's where I was born, it's where I had the most beautiful childhood.
It's the only place on this earth my entire family was one.
And it's where my brother is buried.

We moved when I was 10 and I've never been able to return.
But it holds so much for me that I've just waited for the day that I would.

It all started with a trip my mom was planning.
She booked a month to stay.
Somewhere along the line Doug decided if he could, he would send me to be with her.
2011 was a difficult year on many levels, particularly financially.
But some miracles (literally) happened and at the last minute he was able to get me a ticket.
That's all I needed, was the ticket.  
It was the biggest surprise.....a Christmas present I didn't see coming.

It meant him being Mr. Mom for a week and taking off work, and letting me go.
I've gone away a total of 3 times in 19 years from my husband & children.
And never for this long.
It was something I desperately needed.
And he saw that.
I love him so much for seeing that and letting it happen.

Being able to go home.....and do it with my mom, whom I adore.
Was amazing!!!!!
We walked my old neighborhood, which has hardly changed.
We visited the cemetery.
We met old friends.
We went to the beaches I remember as a child.
Oh and one of my brothers and step sister actually joined us as well ;)

How about I just show you ;)

 This was the firs view of the ocean I saw...and I'll admit it made me cry.

 My neighborhood...I know it as Sam's Store.....a little shop on the street where I lived.  It now also houses the Hukilau Cafe
 It was closed on Sunday....hence the little self portraits.
I spent some time walking around all by myself.
It's hard to express how it made me feel.
Walking the same streets I did as a child.
When you've never been able to do that, 
and than you do.....there's just something about it I can't put into words.
 My town.

 Our home.  It has definitely seen better days.  And used to be all grass in front.   Now it's student housing and has pretty much not had any tender loving care for 30  years.  I remember laying on the grass at night....staring at the abundance of stars.  Watching fireworks on the fourth of July.  Having the fire truck drive by with Santa throwing out candy.  Riding my bike, walking to the beach.  And racing my brothers back home to see who could get to the hose first and fill the large tubs with the warm water before it got cold....to rinse off the ocean ;)

My school.  It's just as I remember.  That two story on the left, that main hallway is where my kindergarten class was, 1st, and 2nd grade.  I moved across the yard for 3rd and 4th.  I can remember playing on the playground, where I buried my necklace in the sand so I wouldn't lose it while playing.  Sadly, I could never find it!   I searched that sand like a maniac.  What an idiot.  I can also remember the little platform we would stand on for taking our class pictures outside.  All the girls in flower sundresses and sandles.  Some kids didn't even wear any shoes.  I wore a swimsuit to school one day just because I could.  And that's exactly why I wore it.

My baby brother.
I remember that day like it was yesterday.
It was hard seeing the location where it all took place.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Temple.  
Walking distance from my home.  And we spent some time there as well.

 The BYU Campus.....my grandfather built that tile mosaic ;)

 Shopping in (Holly-eva)
Waiting for our shaved ice at Matsumoto
 Hangin' at the Palace....me, mom, bro.
Ala Moana Shopping Center, where my mom would take us when she wanted to do some "real" shopping.  Up until Saturday I was officially declared the whitest person on the island.....until we saw someone who stole that title from me ;)  I was not blessed with my mothers olive skin ;(

My brother teaching us to snorkel.....that was a barrel of laughs let me tell you!  
Not my best day ;)   Who knew I panic like that!!!

Bath Beach.  This was my favorite place to go as a child.  The natural coral reef in the back and then the rock wall created a calm, warm bath like beach.  My mom took us here all the time because it was a great place for little ones to swim safely.  I loved it.  You won't find it unless you know where to look for it ;)  It's kind of a secret only the locals know about ;)
and YES.......Saimen (ramen noodles) at McDonalds!!!!!
So delicious.  As a child I didn't like hamburgers so whenever my parents took us, this is what I got.  Amazing isn't it!!!!!  I didn't think they sold it anymore because it wasn't on the menu.  Apparently you just "have to know" ;)
This is the life.

Again, I can't express enough what this trip meant for me.
It wasn't an "oh your so lucky you got to go to Hawaii"
it was  "I'm so grateful I got to go home"


jamie carter said...

that was fun to read. i had no idea you were from there. so glad you got to go enjoy it all.

Danielle said...

I'm so happy for you, my friend! You really shine on those photo's, good to see that. Loved reading your story, thanks for sharing it.

Alex said...

I had no idea you were from Hawaii! :-) You look so happy, Carol. I agree with Danielle - you shine! I loved reading your story and watching all awesome photos. Thank you SO much for sharing this!

Nicole Nowosad said...

What a wonderful gift and it looks like a fabulous memorable time too!! I loved reading your story, and it is definitely NOT bragging in any way...!!! Glad you had a great time :)

Nicole Martel said...

aw, what a wonderful gift!! I loved reading your story... this is NOT bragging... this is what you call Life and It's nice to know that your husband recognized your needs... and he put your needs ahead of his to let you go... I'm so glad you had a great time! Hugs.

Unknown said...

So glad you could live this dream. It seems to be a fabulous place !

Lizzy Hill said...

What an amazing, life- making experience for you...& so, so thoughtful of your DH. Looks like you really made the most of your time there & soaked up your 'yesteryears'... Glad it went well ~ the photos are great, glad you shared this:):)

antenucci said...

What a wonderful blessing! So glad for u.

beckyjune said...

What a sweet husband you have for him to realize how much that would mean to you. I think it's wonderful that you were able to do that- what a beautiful place...I am feeling a little green right now. Maybe someday...

Annika said...

What an awsome beautiful loving gift from your husband! I'm so happy for you! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see a bunch of those beautiful photos scrapped! Blessings!

Jess said...

What an amazing trip for you! I had no idea you born in Hawaii and lived there for awhile. I'm so glad you had the opportunity to go. I loved reading about all your memories.

Anne P said...

That looks like a wonderful home coming for you. I am from Australia and got the pleasure of living in Hawaii for a year and so looking through your pictures was just delightful for me. Hawaii is where my husband proposed to me and I want to go back there one day too and show my kids where we lived.

pinkalishious said...

Beautiful story carol, lovly place to be & really fantastic picture's xx

Chandra said...

being born and raised here in Vegas i can visit my childhood streets anytime.... which is why it never dawned on me that others couldn't. Thanks for sharing, I'm happy that you got the chance to go, and I hope that someday you take your kids and share it with them.

Tammi said...

I don't usually comment, just lurk lol!, but had to leave a comment telling you how much I enjoyed your homecoming story! Even though I get back "home" more than you do, it always brings back those same feelings! Thanks for sharing!!

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy said...

Wow Carol! What an amazing gift and an awesome opportunity! You have one special and unique husband. I am richer for being able to partake in your experience through your eyes and perspective. So glad that you decided to share your story and photos.Thanks!:)

Zarah said...

This makes me so happy I am literally crying with joy. I am SO SO SO happy for you, Carol! What a sweet husband you have - and what awonderful trip that must have been!! Thank you fro sharing this story with us - and I so loved seing the photos!

(I LOVE the self portraits of you outside the Hukilau Café! I am also in aaaawe of the mosaic your grandfather made!)

Anabelle O'Malley said...

What an absolutely amazing story! These are the most wonderful photos. You really do shine in every one of them. Your husband is amazing for making it happen. But, remember, good things happen to good people. :) I'm so happy for you! (BTW, Hawaii is my favorite place in the world!!)

Ann Cicilie said...

I am SO happy you got to visit your childhood home - love the pictures you've shared and the stories they tell <3

Thanks for sharing this with us, Carol, you are the best and you deserve the best!

pysselpetra said...

Lovely so happy for you. And the beach photo showing your feet will be just perfect to scrap

Jen@eighteen25 said...

yay for you!! i couldn't remember exactly when you were going so every couple days or so i'd think?? i wonder if carol is in beautiful hawaii today? :) i'm so glad you had a great trip!! you deserved it!
jen :)

Anonymous said...

Your hubby is the best and I am so happy to see all those gorgeous photos from your trip. You are such an amazing person and it truly shines through in everythign you do! <3

Heather Innusa said...

Looks like a beautiful and therapeutic trip - God Bless!!

Sherri said...

What a kind, sweet, loving man to gift his equally kind, sweet, and loving wife with such a blessing. Carol your post was so heartfelt and sincere. I could hear your thanksgiving through every paragraph, and see it through every photograph. You look so happy, and at peace, and full of life. I bet your mother and brother share the same depth of emotion over this little time away, at home. Thank you so much for sharing with us. And tell Doug we think he's pretty awesome :)

lisa said...

Oh Carol, I am so happy for you that you were able to go home! Looks like it was a wonderful time and beautiful pics! :)