Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Gluten Report

sometimes it feels like we might starve to death.
just kidding.
but it definitely takes a little more effort to grab and go.

We have been pretty good....but yes, we've cheated a bit.
Just not at home.

Breakfast has really been no problem.
Dinner, not a big deal either.....as long as i cook ;)

Lunch, is another story.
That's been a tricky one.
We've tried 4 different types of breads.
My kids don't like any of them! neither do i
There is only so much fruit they want in their lunches.

But here are some of the good things we've found.

Chebe's Gluten Free Pizza Dough.....delish!!!
The kids love the cheese/pepperoni, doug and i love the roma tomatoes and artichoke & basil one....mmm.  And that's coming from a girl here who doesn't think much of pizza.

Chebe's Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls
With homemade cream cheese frosting....yummmeeeeee.

Namaste's Chocolate Cake
This was the most decadent homemade chocolate cake i've ever had.

And here's my most genius discovery: Kraft Mac and Cheese Cheese pack with gluten free pasta.
GENIUS  i tell ya!!!!
We had a whole case of it in the pantry so we are using the cheese sauce, it's a cheaper method than buying the gf mac and cheese at Trader Joes.
And we still get that mac/cheese craving!!!

We've also found granola bars that are GF.

We are definitely feeling a bit better, more energy, less bloating.
Not sure yet if it's making substantial changes, but we will keep going.

I think at some point we may need to implement some real bread. 
That one is just a killer for us.
But I kinda feel if we keep the gluten to a minimum and cut it out where we can than that just might be our best bet.  We are definitely eating less crap and that's a good thing ;)

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Lizzy Hill said...

Good on you! Hope someone can point you in the direction of 'nice' bread...have you thought about making your own??? I guess there's a time factor involved with that:):)