Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy are we to be out of school, I think.

life has been a little cray cray.....as we like to say say ;)
we've had birthdays, anniversaries, school concerts, recitals, programs, awards, demonstrations, sickness, parties and overall crazy times!

i've kinda had to just check out of blog land and regroup through it all.
ya know, it's true what they say.....the older your kids get the busier you get!
take into account a new diet that requires more cooking than not, and I'm a busy mama.

Thank goodness instagram came along because that seems to be my best friend these days.
No waiting to upload pics to the computer than edit them for web....take it, bam, done!

Wanna see ;)

Kristens violin concert.....she can hardly stand to be seen in those a.w.f.u.l. pants, i mean sheesh mom!!!!

Nathan before guitar concert.....you can only take ONE picture mom!!!

Jacks kinder program......"i want to be a forest police offer, keeping the forest safe and sound,  I will work with bears and dogs so you can explore all around"  that was his part!!  And he got to choose what he wanted to be....I love it!!!!

Pajama day at school....the funnest, heck ya!!!

Someone got sick and missed the ENTIRE second to last week of school....such a bummer ;(
though we dragged her poor little self to her awards ceremony for a quick grab and run because she couldn't stand to miss it.

Jacks field day at school, he's the one without the hat.

Samantha's cookie monster cupcake "how to" project she taught her class
25 cupcakes, 25 blue frosting bags and all the goodies to go with it ;)
food is always a hit at school!

 my last kindergarten pick up.....ever ;(

are ya still here?
that's what I've got on instagram.
there are a few more things on the real camera, but like i said before, that would take 
a bit more effort on my part.

This was the year I thought about 6 years ago when I realized I would have a child in Highschool, Middle School, Elementary AND kindergarten.  4 different schedules. 

we've survived all the testing, all the different dismissal times, all the school lunches....
now lets see if we survive summer.

bring it on!!!!


Lilith Eeckels said...

Can't wait for summer to arrive. HAVE FUN!

Marinette-Scraptherapie said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful moments with us! Have a great summer♥

Shellye McDaniel said...

Awww, such great pictures and memories to go along with them, Carol. I love how you've done this...you could fill up an entire album with this past year LOL

danni reid. said...

amazing carol, you are such a good mama♥