Friday, June 22, 2012

Some Random Stuff.....

I went through quite a funk recently with my scrapbooking.
I was feeling stale.
And worn out with life.
I just didn't have the enthusiasm like I normally do.
And it sucked.
I hated feeling like that.
And to be honest, I was letting rejection in this business get the better of me.
So I let it breathe, or fester....whatever.
I fought it a few times, but ended up just walking away.

I literally didn't scrap for weeks.
And I felt a little lost......I would waste time doing absolutely nothing, or wandering around my house cleaning this or that, but feeling like I wasn't doing anything!

Than I decided it was time to play.
And i did, without thinking too hard or following any rules.
Just whatev.

And it made me HAPPY again!!!!
It was such a relief.

You see, this is my happy place.
It's how I relax and rejuvinate.
And to think I had lost that ability was kinda freaking me out a little.
I neeeeeed to do this. 


Those colors down there, they make me happy.
That FACE makes me happy.....I love seeing my children frozen in time, captured in there childish perfection.  Creating a history for them, a window into their most precious childhood.

Childhood is a fleeting memory with fanciful dreams and wishes.  I want them to know that theirs was real, that they played, that they dreamed, that they had a lot to say!  And that I always adored them!

I remember having a blissful childhood.....I know it wasn't perfect but the things I remember, the snippets of me that I cherish are wonderful.  I wish I could get a better look at it.

And let me just tell you.....Instagram sure is making it easier to do that!
I took these pics of Samantha at random one Sunday, with her curled hair and then a handful of dolls.  Her childhood.....to a T at this moment ;)

And then she does something like this.....creates a beard with her long hair and finds some old baby hat and stuffs it on her head.  I want her to remember, after life gets harder, that she was a goof.  That she knew how to be happy and how to find joy in the silliest things.  Hopefully it will help her to carry that on....after life has tarnished her a bit.  That her joy will still burst out amongst it all.

I did get a little help with this one....a sketch challenge over at October Afternoon.....those are always good for direction when one doesn't know where to start ;)


Blooms a Foot said...

I am glad you are defunked and back to creating your pages are just beautiful

Lizzy Hill said...

I'm glad too that you're back & happy scrapping again...getting used to rejections is all part of the game. I am a bit of a writer, so believe me....I've learnt about the rejection side BIG time! Made it easy when I started scrapping, tho, 'cos I didn't have to go through the angst & upset again....long as YOU enjoy doing what you do, rest really truly doesn't matter, I reckon...& you've got such a 'good eye' & do such a marvellous job...I LOVE your work:):):)

Christin aka Umenorskan said...

I am glad you are happy scrapping again. Lovely work !!!!!!!!!

I know your feeling all too well..

Anita S said...

hi carol!!!!
i get EXACTLY the same feeling BUT i love what u do and most important is that YOU love it.
anita x

Gina said...

so glad you're enjoying it again...just love your creations, beautiful as always! ♥

Gina said...
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Kate Vickers said...

Carol, I'm so glad that you're scrapping again. I know the feeling about rejection getting the better of you. I felt that way a few times myself, especially after certain DT calls, ones that I wanted more than anything. It gets better though - we all have our ups and downs in this business. You just need to remember that you love doing this and that it's supposed to be fun! :) I love your work, so don't stop!

Patricia Roebuck said...

Funk are so hard...but I love when this hobby brings you back into it when you realize what's most important. So glad you started again...do what you love... I love your work, beautiful...keep scrapping!

Monique Liedtke said...

Yay! You're back!! I too recognize your story and am so happy you bounced back! LOVE your pages!!

Sherri said...

Glad you're feeling it again. We've all been there, and it always comes back :) Great pages come of it!