Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pretty Little Ladies

I did a fun little photo shoot with my girls and their best friend a few weeks ago.
Their friend Kathryn has been like a sister for over 5 years....she has spent lots of time at our house over the years, and a friendship that started with Kristen soon moved into one with Samantha as well.

Our little Kathryn moved ;(
My girls are so sad and I think it's safe to say that she is as well.

But they had quite the time before she took off.

 Samantha was cracking me up with these pictures, the big girls are being all big and sassy and she is back there putting on her own little show......hahahahaahaaaaa!!!

Of course we took a few individual portraits as well.
It kinda blows my mind how Kristen has changed.  
It has felt overnight with her.  Seems like she was a little girl justyesterday!
Now look at her....I don't know where this came from!
 She has her father's eyes
& Samantha has mine.

I'm glad I still see the little girl in Samantha...though I know it won't be long.  
It's an amazing thing watching these girls grow I gotta tell ya.
They are SO different......and I love that.
When I found out I was having a second girl that was my greatest wish.....that they would be different.  That they would have their own uniqueness.   I didn't want my second to always feel compared to the first.  Or for them to feel like they had to compete with each other in what ever way.  I even prayed that they would look different.  

I'm pretty sure my prayers were answered.  
I absolutely adore them both for so many different reasons.
Kristen has always been our sweet and shy little angel, always wanting to please.  Such a little girly girl.  Carefree and a little flighty ;)
Samantha.....she had spunk and fire before she even entered this world.  She is a firecracker and life of the party.  Serious opinions and a temperament to boot!  But her spirit is SO deep.  I've always felt she is old beyond her years.

I am a lucky mama.

And they are lucky to have each other!

The girls are making little books with all these pictures and with this picture Samantha put the quote "I smile because you are my sister, 
I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it!"  
Ha!!! Truer words were never spoken ;)


Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy said...

Such a beautifully written post Carol! Your daughters are both gorgeous and such a great photo shoot. Lovin' the quote near the end. Too fun!:)

Lizzy Hill said...

Love the photos...must be a pretty quiet road!!! I soooo envy your girls having a sister. I only have one bro, & it's not the same. Good on them for scrapping their snaps, too!!!!! Oh, my fave is the night time shadow one & that last one on the chair together. FAB Shoot...like professional models!!!!!

Sherri said...

FAB-U-LOUS little photo shoot! And Samantha's quote is awesome! I know a younger sister around here who would agree 100% with her :) Have a wonderful weekend Carol!

beckyjune said...

Your girls are both so gorgeous, Carol, and yes, they do grow up and change so quickly. I hope that my girls will always be great friends, too.

Kathy Jo said...

So Sweet!! Makes me wish I'd had another girl....for a minute. Then I tried to wake Emily up and got my senses back! ;} Great pictures!

Sandy Ang said...

your photography is just amazing !