Monday, August 20, 2012

Trying some new things.....

To counteract my boring self these last few weeks, I decided to try some new to me techniques with my scrapping ;)  

I hosted a little class over at the Nook for this one......doing a pie chart for the first time and also, a look that I've looooooved but never tried, the paint spreading.    I'm so happy with how this one turned out, so soft and pretty.  Using the August kit at the NOok, Carta Bella Beautiful Moments.

I don't know about you girls, but when I have 2 photos that go together but are situated differently.  One horizontal, the other vertical.  It's SUCH  a challenge for me to scrap them!  Is it just me?????
But I've had these photos of Kristen like, forever and I really wanted to use them.  The only design I could come up with was to separate them completely.   I cut the dew drop petals out of one of the pattern papers and tried a scattered look.  It didn't quite come together the way it did in my mind ;)  But it's sweet.

Speaking of the Nook.....if you haven't heard the sad sad news yet......here it is.  My Scrapbook Nook is closing it's doors.  I've been designing for them for 2 years this Sept.  I'm so sad.  They have been an amazing kit club and a super fun place to work.  I've made so many friends and have learned so much as a scrapper through this community.  It's going to be weird not having this little home anymore.  I'll still be scrapping......for sure!!!! But it won't be for the Nook anymore.  September is our last kit ;(  Here's the official announcement if you'd like to read it.


beckyjune said...

These are both beautiful, Carol!

Lizzy Hill said...

Sad about the nook:( happy that you are having fun experimenting...these look great. I like.the 2nd one , as the triangle is still there to direct the eye & the layers under your snaps tie them together really nicely. Well, that's just my rambling thoughts! I've discovered cutting up my pics is the best way to get over that problem...& find I'm doing it all the time!!! I LOVE cutting out the figures:):):)

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy said...

Beautiful layout Carol! Love all your new techniques you are trying. They look great! Sad, I will miss the Nook too.

Anonymous said...

These are both fabulous girl - love the pie-chart on the first one!

Hilde Aaslund aka Scoobie said...

Fabolous creations, Carol. The pie chart on the first looks awesome as well as the paint.

I have struggled too with photos situated in different directions. I find that printing them out in different sizes,then clustering them, amkes it easier. But I have used the same tecnique as you did - having them put up on the oposite sides on the layot. On your opage it looks perfect :-)