Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Heart

Gettin' back in business baby!
I haven't scrapped much this winter and I've missed it big time.  I've had so many other things on my plate that it just got pushed to the back burner.  
Well, I rang in the new year by scrapping the day away.  It was bliss I tell ya!

I got my hands on the new Darling Dear collection from Studio Calico.  It's a  bit of a step away from my usual color schemes but I really like it and it's funkiness.

 Thanks to my friend Danielle for the cut arrow, she was sweet and sent me a 
bunch of fun cuts from her cameo.

I'm trying to use the photo's I have laying around on my desk or in a pile here and there.  
I love this little one of Jack.....showing his little piggy toes. I miss those chubby little baby parts!
 Here's me trying painting a little....I like how it looks but still trying to figure out how to keep my paper from warping.  Who the heck ever thought i'd paint on my pages.....duh!

I've actually managed to scrap a few more times since these.....how exciting!!!  I'm grateful that my life is slowing down a bit so I can relax and do what makes me happy.
I'm working on having a "Happy Heart".  Things have been so hard and stressful and I found that I was getting very cranky and whiny and bitter about stuff.  I want to be better at being happy despite everything going on around me.  So whenever I find myself getting cranky, I say to myself...."happy heart Carol, happy heart"  It's actually working  :). 
 It might seem silly to some, but being able to escape to my crafty place is such a stress reliever for me.  It totally keeps me in balance and happier.  We all need to have that thing that makes us happy.
What's yours???


Sar said...

Its a stress reliever for me too! Your pages look fab!

Lizzy Hill said...

It's a grounding, homing, feeling good for yourself spot, this scrappy thing is...so glad you find that, too....great LO....you scrap beautifully...always LOVE seeing what you've done...those die cutty bits are yum!!!!!!!!!!

Sherri said...

Love these, and so am loving seeing you scrap again friend. Bonus that it makes you feel more you! It's my happy thing too, that and singing loudly to my favorite tunes.

Anonymous said...

Love these girlie - especially the Lucky Stars one. I just can't resist little chubby baby toes! :)