Monday, February 4, 2013

The Birthday Hobbit

My baby turned SEVEN last week or two!    Eeeek.....I can't believe how big he is getting.  He's losing that sweet little boy body and growing taller, leaner, losing teeth, reading, doing homework without any help....ahhhhhhhh!  

He's such a funny kid!  He'd been talking about having a Lord of the Rings party for evah......and I was like, how the heck am I supposed to throw that kind of party????  Then he got all weird before his birthday and said he didn't want a party.....or presents!!!!  Wha??????  Who ARE you???  So I kinda quite worrying about it....though feeling like he would regret it.   But the week before his birthday he changed his mind (duh!) and then we got into major last minute party planning!

It turned out awesome though.  All his friends came and we had a blast!   I rely heavily on Pinterest to help me out with my parties and I can tell you, there aint much for this theme.  I was pretty much on my own.  Thank goodness Dad is an expert....he helped me figure most of it out.

Here are the deets ;)

We made our front door into a Hobbit door, using a cardboard box and kraft paper for the door.  Cut a few vines off a plant to make it "cuter"  and added a sign  "NO ADMITTANCE except on party business"  you know, official LOTR verbage ;)  Oh and he's sporting some big dad shoes for his big hobbit feet.

I sewed quick little fabric bags and filled them with these:  Gollums Goodies (swedish fish)  The Ring (peach rings)  Bilbos Biscuits (a pack of peanut butter cracker things)  and some gold coins.  All tied up with twine and kraft tags.

We covered the table with kraft paper, bought ugly paper goods at the dollar store (they looked elvish, gold/green with vines or swirls)  pulled out our old teak wood salad set, an old silk plant fake fruit and gold fish.  The cake was just a bundt cake for that ring shape.  Nothing fancy.  Used the goodie bags for centerpieces.

This is one of those things where i said "I'm soooooo glad I saved all that old ugly fabric forever cause I knew I would need it someday!!!"  yep, made a fabric swag out of old ugly fabric ;)  There's a crazy tree peeking out the edge of this photo that I made with kraft paper.  That was it for the decor, easy!

So the premise for the party was that they had an adventure to go on, to destroy the ring.  I gave them each a ring to keep safe at the beginning.  First we played pretzel sword fighting on the cliff (the black tarp)  The first persons pretzel to break lost that.

Next, they had to escape the spiders web and climb up the stairs.  On the second set of stairs (that I didn't get pictures of cause I was trapped)  they put on some big shoes and had to climb the rest like a hobbit that has really big feet

Upstairs they were met by an Ork (doug) that they had to shoot with a bow and arrow.  
That was the funnest ;)

Once they made it past all those challenges it was time to destroy the ring!  
Hence, the donut game!!!  They ate that thing up ;)

Somebody had his two front teeth hanging by a thread that day and lost one during the party.  
Do you see that big hole up there?   ;)

Our wild party crew!!!
Jack has such an amazing group of friends....we are so lucky!! 
He is loved ;)

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Lizzy Hill said...

I'm so glad you shared this...as a 50 something LOTR fanatic!!! Wish I was 7 & you were my mum.....*sigh*.....glad he agreed to said party & glad you got to use up bluaughgh stuff:):):)