Monday, January 29, 2007

I am NOT a very fun mom

Today after picking the kids up from school I suggested we go to the library. Haven't been for a while, thought I'd be nice. They ask why, I said something to the affect of never doing anything fun, not a very nice mom...... Samantha pipes up immediately, "Ya! You're not a very fun mom." Kristen, to my defense, says "That's not true, I think you're a wonderful mom." Nathan for once has no comments. Then Samantha retracts her first statement and says "ya, just sometimes you're not very fun."

I guess Nathan had nothing to say since he said his beef this weekend. On Saturday asked me why we never do anything fun as a family. I remind him that someone in this house has been sick since Christmas (can't go anywhere together if someone's sick-da!) It's been to freekin' cold outside to go to the park. And never mind that we have been to a movie in the last month, we spent a week in Utah last month, grandma & grandpa were here last weekend, celebrated Jacks 1st birthday. But apparantly, we don't have any fun around here! Oh ya and we got to see cousins this weekend. So here is a picture of my children NOT having any fun!

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