Monday, February 5, 2007

Some NOT so great firsts

For as long as I can remember (at least 10+ years) my mom has sent me chocolate covered marshmallows for my birthday. Not this year. Apparently she can't find them anywhere! It is bad enough to be turning 35 (its all downhill to 40 from here) but now no chocolate. It is a sad, sad, sad, day for me......

A second first for me is this little gem.... Amazingly we made it almost 10 years with children before THIS happened. Who knew being late for church would be a blessing in disguise. Normally we would sit on the benches for sacrament, but yesterday we were late and had to sit way in back on folding chairs in the cultural hall (Blessing) Jack seemed not himself during sacrament, very tired, didn't want to eat. About half way through it happened. Vomit, and were talking a lot of it! All over Doug (tie is not salvageable), all over Jack, all over the floor. I tried to clean the boys up but there was no point. All they could do was leave. I spent the rest of sacrament in and out of the bathroom, cleaning up the floor and chairs. Fortunately I am in Nursery and had some Lysol (sp?) in the cupboard to disinfect the area. It could have been worse, I can't imagine if we had been on carpet, that would have been so disruptive. People took pity on us and got others to cover my nursery class so I could go home with Doug. What a day. Jack does seem to be feeling a little better today, no more puke.

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Heather said...

Well happy, happy birthday. I feel terrible that it slipped my mind. And I have a fabulous cookie recipe that I've been wanting to try that involves marshmellows and chocolate. So some will be heading your way. A tad late. Hope you have a terrific rest of the day!