Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New Tradition

We have a new Valentine tradition in our home. A Valentine Gingerbread house. Christmas came and went and we never made our Gingerbread house so I saved it. I bought some valentine candy and away we went. The kids had a lot of fun and want to do it every year. I figured since there is so much to do around Christmas time this was a great idea and so now we will save our gingerbread house making for February.

We have had a fun week getting ready for Valentines Day. The kids have all been in good spirits and had fun at their school parties. This year I got too ambitious for my britches and decided to make the kids books for Valentines. My friend Heather learned how to make board books so I mootched off her and we started LAST week. Well, I didn't finish them, du! But I have a good start and the kids loved the idea of having a book on what we love about them.

Tomorrow night Kristen has her 2nd annual Daddy Daughter Dance at school. Poor Doug has been sick in bed for 2 days now. I sure hope he perks up for her tomorrow, or I guess I'll have to play daddy for the nite.

I am still struggling with my picture editing and placement. One of these days I will figure out how not to have sideways photos and other annoying things...

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Heather said...

Your books turned out SO cute! What were you stressing over??? Valentine gingerbread houses, who would have thought? Great idea!