Friday, February 16, 2007

Signs of Spring (and Summer?)

Walking into church last week a light bulb went off in Samantha. It was a beautiful day and she got SO excited. She said, "Mom, its so nice outside, that means it's spring, then it's summer! We get to swim soon!!!!" Unfortunately I can't seem to make her understand that even though it's nice outside it's still way too cold to swim. That poor girl has been asking all winter when she can swim. I decided to heat up the spa let them play in the hot tub one day since it was 70 outside so they wouldn't catch a chill. They had more fun than they could stand. Our little wild child Samantha jumped into the big pool and immediately came up crying, I almost had to jump in to save her but she made it to the edge. Less than 5 minutes later she jumped back in the freezing cold water. She is an animal.
We have also been enjoying bikes outside and have gone on a few walks. We rode bikes to school one day and that was fun for some, but not all.... Though they are now asking everyday to ride to school. Me, not so much up for that everyday. But I will try harder to do it more often as our schedule allows. We have a great walking trail that crosses under all the roads so there is no traffic to contend with, which makes it nice and safe, though it involves some serious hills.
Nathan is out at the crack of dawn every morning jumping on the trampoline. With all the freezing cold weather and sick kids we've had they now have some serious energy to burn.
I love this picture of Jacks chubby little feet.

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