Thursday, February 28, 2008

Declarations and New Inventions

I was declared the "best mom ever" today. All because I took the little ones to the park for a whoppin' 15 minutes before school let out. I am not such a park girl. Don't know why, just don't go very often. But it was such a beautiful day I couldn't help myself, for 15 minutes that is. In reality, that was all the time there was in this busy day. But it was a super fun 15 minutes. I love this picture of Jack, how his dimple stands out in the sunshine. Caught Samantha coming down the slide. They had a good time, unfortunately I had to leave with Jack kicking and screaming in my arms because he had NOT had enough! I promised him we would go back tomorrow. To that he responds with a whimpered "k".

After picking up the big ones from school Kristen got some kinda wild hair and decided the pickle jar looked to good to pass up. She "invented" a pickle sandwich. Bread, cheese, pickles. She though it was a GREAT idea. More surprising is, she actually ate it and wants one in her lunch tomorrow...we'll see how she feels about it in the am. She said to me, mom, this should be a sandwich for real. I had to break it to her that she is not the first to come up with
the pickle sandwich idea.

Here she is taking it in...impressed that she really likes it


Leslie said...

Tell Kristen I LOVE cheese and pickle sandwhiches!

Leslie said...

I mean...sandwiches...ooops typo...and I ate them ALL the time when I was her age!

Stephanie said...

I don't like to go to the park much, not my idea of fun. The kids love it.

Meaghan said...

I love going to the park. We pack a lunch and go at least once a week. For some reason Jackson eats better at the park than at home. Aviendha already loves the park. We went today and she cried and threw a fit when it was time to leave. We just love being outside!