Saturday, February 16, 2008

Oh....the life we lead

This week has been super fun. We've done a lot of breathing treatments. A lot of watching tv. A lot of rubbing of the eyes and wiping of the noses. Samantha practically had walking pnomonia...didn't see THAT coming! Jack is just a wreck with a really bad cold. I've pretty much been holding him for 5 days. On Wednesday as I was getting ready to head to the Dr. with them, the school called to let me know that Nathan had fallen in the bathroom and cut open his chin. They were certain he would need stitches. Grreeaat. Atleast I was on my way to the dr. anyway. But of course as luck would have it, the dr. couldn't do the stitches. So after our 2 appointments for Samanth and Jack we then got to go wait at urgent care for Nathan. Nothing like being stuffed in a room with tons of sick people (especially my own who are pretty much crying by now). Thankfully Doug was done at court and was able to come and relieve me. He stayed with Nathan and returned home ONLY 2 1/2 hours later!
Thankfully they were able to take care of the wound with dermabond. No stitches for my boy. He was a trooper and the wound doesn't look bad at all.
Like they say "When it rains, it POURS!"
By Friday the kids were perkin' up but now Doug is on his deathbed and I may be following!
We will soldier on!
Isn't Jack the saddest thing you've ever seen?????

OK, blogger is officially RETARDED tonight! Look at my jacked up layout!


Stephanie said...

How sad. I hope you feel better. Did you ever find out about your blood work? How are your headaches?
We have had all that sick yuck too, now Becky has it. Feel better soon!!!
Jack look really tall. He must of had a growth spurt.

Cammie said...

what a day! Poor little Jack's face! Tell the kids "hello" and we hope they feel better. Stay healthy!

patmonson said...

Sorry you had such a week. It looks like the arrow missed you and Kristen. I hope the others are doing bettr now. Wish I was there to give some TLC, my love is anyways.

Linde said...

What the... how sad are all of you! I am sorry and I hope you feel better soon!!