Thursday, July 9, 2009

Apron Find...Lost Mind

Remember that apron i bragged up making a looooooong time ago????
Well, here she is.
I love it.
It's so me.
I love this lemon fabric so much i must
find something else to do with it.

Thanks to Heather for finding the pattern and having an enrichment activity to make it.
All us girls who signed on for this had such a good time!

...and I actually do wear it :)

As for the lost mind...that would be mine!
Really, i am clearly getting older and I should find some magic pill that aids in memory. Anyone know what that is...i can't remember!

After having the lens in my old sunglasses fall out at Womens Conf. and walking around for a moment or two before I realized something weren't right...(can't image the retard people thought i was when they saw me)...anyways...I bought a new pair and within a week they were lost. Had NO idea what happened to them, was so mad cause I liked em. So, I bought another pair.

As these types of situations go...y'all know what happens next.
I found lost glasses! Duh!

So now the girls are fighting over my second pair cause bug eyes are SOOOOO cool ya know!

the serious....sassy supermodel look (or at least the attempt)

too cool for school YOU!


lisa said...

Ok, I LOVE the apron! The material you chose is super cute! Very you!

Kirsten said...

That apron is so cute. I'm bummed I missed that activity :(

Linde said...

I love the apron too! You should post the instructions. The girls are so cute in their super cute glasses. I know what you mean about losing your mind. I feel like i lose mine all the time too!